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Self-Publish through Ingram Spark

Ingram Spark and KDP Today I am going to discuss why I decided to publish through Ingram Spark and KDP. Ingram Spark is a huge printer and distributor. Most bookstores and libraries in the United States, as well as retailers such as Wal Mart, purchase books through Ingram. Their databases are linked and your book will automatically appear for purchase on these places' online database. If you're looking to reach a wide audience, Ingram Spark is the way to go.


Some people claim that Ingram Spark is expensive to publish books on, but it really hasn't cost me any money. There are free coupon codes all over the internet, so even though Ingram Spark will say it charges you $49 to publish your book, you can actually publish your paperback and hardcover for free. Every revision does cost $25 after you approve your book, but you shouldn't approve your book unless your e-proof looks exactly the way you want it to. Quadruple check your work for typos and make sure it looks perfect before approving it. 

The main downside with Ingram (and it isn't even Ingram's fault) is that in order for retailers to sell your book, you need to give them at least a 45% discount. This means that you won't get much profit. For me, I get about 50 cents a book when someone buys it through Barnes and Noble, Indiebound, or other independent bookstores.

Since I want a wide audience and don't care too much about profits, I've given all retailers a 45% discount. This is fine with me. I just want my book in people's hands and on bookshelves. I am buying books in bulk from Ingram and selling them through my own website. This way I can donate some of the proceeds to nonprofits that are important to me.

Publishing on KDP with the same ISBN as what you have on Ingram is important to maximize sales and to increase your profit. Most people buy everything on Amazon. I plan to sell my paperback and ebook version on Amazon and no hardcovers. Why? You get more profit through Amazon that way and your book will always be available for purchase. Amazon doesn't always make books linked with Ingram available. I will publish on KDP on March 8th, the official release date, since there is no pre-order option 

 Click here to buy the book. The hardcover looks so good!

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